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Members of the ISU Community (students and employees) are automatically eligible for an ISU Net-ID. All other Net-IDs must be sponsored.

Sponsored Net-IDs
There are currently four types of sponsored Net-IDs.

TypeWhen Used
AffiliateFor an individual who is not a current employee or student, but for whom an ISU business reason exists for them to have a Net-ID. One common use is for visting professors and researchers. Another common use is to temporarily extend the use of an existing Net-ID upon an employee leaving the university by converting their Normal Net-ID to an Affiliate Net-ID.
RoleA Net-ID which is used (potentially by multiple employees) to perform an ISU business function. Usually it is intended to outlast the tenure of any given employee.
SecondaryAn additional Net-ID for a student employee to separate their work from their studies (usually used to provide them with an Exchange mailbox).
EmeritusWhen a faculty member leaves the university with emeritus status they are permitted to keep their Net-ID so long as they renew it each year (self-sponsorship).

Several people may play a part in the sponsorship of a Net-ID.

Requester The person who initiates the sponsorship (or sponsorship renewal) request.
Sponsored The person who will use the sponsored Net-ID (or the Role to be performed by a Role Net-ID).
Sponsor The person responsible for ending the sponsored Net-ID when the business reason for it to exist has ended.
Approver The person responsible for approving the sponsorship (and renewal) of Affiliate and Role Net-IDs. Approvers are University Administrative Officers and their Delegates.
  • The Requester makes a request to create/renew a Sponsored Net-ID, nominating a Sponsor.
  • If the request is for an Affiliate or Role Net-ID and the Requester is not a University Administrative Officer then they choose an Approver to route the request to.
  • The Approver may approve, deny, or re-route the request.
  • An Approver is not required for a Secondary Net-ID.
  • Often the Requester is the same person as the Sponsor.
  • The Requester and the Approver may not be the same person unless they are a University Administrative Officer.
  • The Sponsor must be a "Normal" Employee Net-ID.

Net-ID Summary
The following table summarizes several aspects of the provisioning and deprovisioning of Net-IDs.

Net-ID ————— Sponsorship —————
Type For Who May Request Who May Approve Renewal Period Suspension
Current Employees n/a n/a n/a After Last Day
Current Students n/a n/a n/a Sem After Last Enrolled
Secondary Student Employees Supervisor not required Each Feb. & Sep. If not renewed, or with the Student's Primary Net-ID
Emeritus Emeritus Faculty Self not required Each Sep. If not renewed
Affiliate Other Individuals Any Employee AO/Delegate Each Feb. & Sep.
Role Business Functions Any Employee AO/Delegate Each Sep.
Provisional Incoming Employees Any Employee n/a n/a If not converted to Normal by the arrival of HR data within 21 days.


  • AO refers to ISU Administrative Officers.
  • If an AO makes a sponsorship request, no other approval is needed.
  • An AO may delegate approval authority to any employee.
  • A delegate may not approve their own sponsorship/request.
  • Here the term "Any Employee" excludes C&XH-base employees.
  • Here "Sem" ignores Summer sessions.
  • Current Students include incoming students and those registered the previous semester.