Account Services on the Web

Why do I need to change my password to use CyMail?

When you change your password, ISU's password server now computes a special value called a 'one way hash' of your password. (A one way hash is something which is easy to compute in one direction: password→hash, but which is nearly impossible to compute in the other direction: hash→password.)

We have not previously computed this hash value, nor do we store your original password, so we do not have, and can not compute, the hash value for existing passwords.

This one way hash is sent to Google.

Login to CyMail via the web will continue to use ISU's existing WebLogin method, but if you access CyMail via a "POP" or "IMAP" mail client (for example, an iPhone), Google will need the hash to be there.

Just a reminder: Iowa State will NEVER ask for your password or other confidential information via email -- ANY such request is a SCAM and should never be answered.