Account Services on the Web

ASW needs your cookie

We use a small bit of information called a cookie stored in your web browser to remember who you are (for example, to keep other people from messing with your account profile).

If you are viewing this page, it means we sent a cookie to your web browser, but it did not send it back. Most likely the reason is one of the following:

  • Your browser's preferences are set to reject some/all cookies.
  • You explicitly elected not to accept this cookie.
  • Your browser is too limited function to understand cookies.

In any event, if you wish to use Account Services on the Web you will need to accept this cookie.

If you like, you can attempt to again.

For further assistance, please contact the Solution Center, 192 Parks Library, 1.515.294.4000.

Want to know more?

The cookie we send is named secureID, and its value is a 32-hexdigit string. Initially the value is all zeros which means we don't know who you are.

After you provide your ISU "Net-ID" and Password through our secure (encrypted) server and these are validated (using the Kerberos security service), a unique secure identifier is created and used as the key to your identity (Kerberos ticket).

This secure identifier is returned to you as a new value for your secureID cookie. Your browser remembers this cookie (until you exit your browser) and returns it to us when you access Account Services on the Web pages so that we can be confident that you are you you claim to be.

For the technically inclined: it is a First-Party, Secure(https-only), Session Cookie. You can find out more about Web Cookies at Cookiepedia.