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If you are part of an IT support organization, having your Net-ID added individually to (potentially many) ACLs is inefficient and is not best pratice (please see below).


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Best Practice

Each organization should create one or more lists based on roles within the organization (perhaps along these lines: dept-it-students, dept-it-staff, dept-it-senior-staff, etc). Then it should ask the Solution Center that these lists be added to the appropriate ASW functional ACLs (eg, access-asw-admin, access-asw-netreg, subdomain-nr-admin, dept-dept-admin, access-asw-block, access-asw-view-netreg, access-asw-sponsor, etc). From then on, the organization need only add/remove Net-IDs from the role lists as appropriate (eg, the hiring and leaving of employees). [A Visual Example]

Additionally, best practice would have the role lists owned by a departmental role Net-ID or an appropriate list, (perhaps dept-it-senior-staff), so the lifetime of the lists are not tied to the tenure of any particular person's Net-ID.