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Keep It Secret! ISU will NEVER ask for your password via email -- immediately delete any email asking for your password. When entering your password in a website, be SURE it's the actual website and not a forgery.
Use a passphrase?

Many people find a "passphrase" easier to remember than a nonsense password and there is significant evidence that a randomly chosen passphrase is more secure as well.

Below is a suggested randomly generated passphrase.

blubber career cassock
A randomly chosen four word phrase meets the ISU standard for access to Restricted Class data, otherwise a three word phrases is sufficient (don't forget the interword spaces/punct).
Help: New Password

Enter your choice for a new password here.

As you enter your password a measure of its strength will be displayed. Once your new password meets at least the bare minimum strength requirement, you can enter it a second time below.

Help: Getting an A+

Just like computer graded tests, sometimes it is easier to find the wrong answers than the right ones. Our password grader finds the obvious wrong answers, but it is up to you to find the right one.

Score yourself -- Your password should contain:

  1. Nonsense phrases (yep), bad punctuation; sTrangE capitaliZation, random di9gits, and mis-speled words. These all help make good passwords, no matter what language you use.
  2. No personal information. Nothing should publicly relate to you. Your home address, email address, or a course number as a password may get you a passing grade, but it won't keep a determined adversary out for long.
  3. Nothing the same as other logins/passwords for your Internet life. Pick different passwords for each area of your life. Pick a password of appropriate strength for what it is protecting.

If you answered these three questions right, score an A+.

Help: New Password Again

You need to enter your new password exactly the same twice to make sure you didn't mistype it.

This field will be unlocked as soon as your first entry of your new password meets the bare minimum strength requirement, (a grade of D-).

Once your second entry exactly matches the first you will be able to set your new password.

Password Grading Disclaimer

Your password must be at least 8 characters long.
Your password must contain:

  • At least one lowercase letter (a-z), and
  • At least one uppercase letter (A-Z), and
  • At least one numeric digit (0-9).
It may also contains spaces and punctuation characters.

Your password cannot be a password you have used previously.

While we can help you to gauge the strength of your password, we can not guarantee the security of even an A+ graded password.

A seemingly strong password can be seriously compromised if it can be tied to you some way (e.g., "1600 Pennsylvania Ave." would be an extremely poor choice if that was your address).